Mobile Web and Enterprise Software

Quoin builds mobile web and enterprise applications and improves the ability for your organization to deliver software – effective project teams, highly-skilled resources, and insightful consulting.



Actionable Recommendations

Quoin offers technology and development capabilities assessment services for product selection, portfolio management, process improvement, acquisition, or other strategic initiatives. We provide independent and practical input that enables an organization to see its way forward through seemingly intractable challenges.

Business Alignment

Enable Innovation

Technology can be transformative for an organization. Yet, technology alone cannot yield innovation – too many projects fail due to lack of engagement by constituents. Quoin employs a structured method to engage employees, partners, and customers in the conceptualization, design, and roll out of business model innovations. The resulting solutions are strategically aligned, fit-to-purpose, and eagerly adopted.


Highly-skilled Resources

We provide full-time project management and engineering resources for ongoing development. Quoin's 'co-teaming' approach ensures that our highly-skilled staff deliver outstanding results as part of a client organization. We provide the technical leadership, oversight, and management so our staff are more effective than traditional staff augmentation.

Mobile Apps

Connect with Users

Our team has the engineering know-how to build engaging and sophisticated mobile apps for your organization. Mobile are experts in native iOS, Android, and cross-platform framework development.


Implementation & Support Services

Primero is a configurable and extensible technology platform for case management in humanitarian services. Developed for UNICEF and partner organizations to support the requirements of day-to-day field work in child protection, the platform consists of a web application and mobile app for collecting data, case workflow, and reporting. Quoin offers comprehensive services for configuration, deployment, training, and support of Primero for service organizations worldwide.

Processes & Tools

Improved Productivity

We have the knowledge and experience to guide a client through the adoption of new development processes or tools. Our expertise includes the full software development lifecycle – from project planning to production support. Quoin focuses on improving individual and team productivity through pragmatic recommendations and adept deployment for a client organization.

Project Management

Agile Leadership

Quoin can provide a highly-effective project manager for your team. We have over two decades of experience in the successful planning and execution of projects, and have consistently delivered complex software development efforts on time and on budget. We offer a unique ability to apply best practices for agile and lean development, and to adapt our approach to the specific needs of a client.

Quality Assurance

Multi-disciplinary Practices

Our quality assurance services include quality assessment, user acceptance testing, performance testing, and implementation of automated testing and continuous integration tools. We evaluate software delivered by Quoin or client project team, and apply a rigorous standard to prevent defects in requirements or implementation. Quoin can also provide a dedicated team to monitor software produced by offshore developers to ensure high-quality results for our clients.

Security & Robustness

Enterprise-class Systems

Quoin has the breadth of experience to improve software security and robustness. Our staff understand the hardware, network, operating systems, development tools, and productions software that drive these qualities; and, can help your organization achieve secure and highly available systems.

Technology Support

Reliable Expertise

Technology support services by Quoin provide a reliable and cost-effective approach for IT operations. Our dedicated support engineers can provide application maintenance, development, dev-ops support, and help desk functions. We have a proven infrastructure and process, including issue tracking, time reporting, release management, and application monitoring to ensure timely and productive support.

Technology Training

Real-world Instruction

Quoin offers practical and hands-on training for software professionals. Our courses are grounded in over two decades of experience building mobile web and enterprise software. We offer training for project managers, software engineers, and quality assurance staff that can be customized to the needs of your organization.

User Interface & User Experience

Creative, Responsive Design

Quoin provides creative services to define effective and engaging websites, including responsive design, logos, layout, navigation, workflow, usability, and mobile web delivery. OVer two decades of building websites and online applications, we know how to blend aesthetic characteristics and technology for websites that work for users. Our designers can guide your organization from concept to specification, and will ensure a faultless handoff to the development team.

Web Apps & Ecommerce

On-time, On-target Delivery

Quoin delivers interactive web applications on time, on budget, and on target. From planning through deployment, our project teams follow a disciplined engineering approach. We create engaging web applications for online publishing, ecommerce, social media, advertising, and other sectors.

Website & CMS

High-quality Construction

Quoin can rapidly design, build, launch, and support an interactive website and content management system for your organization. We will work with stakeholders to understand requirements and rapidly create an effective, mobile-friendly, and responsive design. Our engineering team will then bring this vision to life.