SEO - Getting Started

SEO - Getting Started

Quoin has extensive experience in building web sites with outstanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. We understand that SEO is a function of content, site design, and engineering decisions. Our approach is to provide tools that enable a client to create a content-rich site, and to build an infrastructure that supports effective search engine indexing. In the redesign of the Quoin web site, we wanted to highlight our approach to SEO. The site had to conform to well-defined practices for search engine indexing. We believe that this is the most effective approach, and does not rely on attempts to 'game' the indexing and ranking of sites. Here are the basics:

  • Identify keywords based on analysis of use and competitors;
  • Use static, search engine-friendly URLs;
  • Embed keywords in page URLs;
  • Use a single distinct URL for each document;
  • Embed keywords in page titles;
  • Embed selected keywords in page content;
  • Generate other metadata content;
  • Create well-formed content;
  • Use static, spider-friendly pages;
  • Use the link relationship meta tags;
  • Use micro formats for events, contacts, and other structured data;
  • Provide alt text for links and images;
  • Generate site index pages;
  • Register the site with major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo);
  • Provide sitemaps to the major search engines to support indexing; and,
  • Registration of the site with and other directories.

Subsequent posts will examine these practices in more detail.