2016 Client Projects

Quoin is looking forward to a range of interesting and challenging development projects in 2016. We take a lot of pride in taking on diverse and technically challenging projects. We have always wanted to do the 'hard work', which enables our project teams and highly skilled resources to acquire new skills and address client needs. As we work with clients on upcoming efforts, I wanted to share a few highlights.

  • Our team will continue development of the UNICEF Primero platform for global incident reporting and humanitarian services delivery. This work will include additional features for reporting, localization, and mobile use. We will also be working with client stakeholders to move the core platform into open source with a sustainable process for development.
  • Our highly-skilled engineers will support robustness, security, and performance improvements for a major retailer.
  • Quoin will continue building applications for an integrated learning platform for a major publisher and educational technology company.
  • We will implement a mobile app for nurse-patient interaction that is targeted for cardiovascular care. The app will focus on setting appointments, video chat, collecting simple biometric data, and providing care instructions.
  • For PublicRelay, we will support new few features, including the ability to create snapshots of media content and analytics, enhanced analytics, and improved workflow for non-English language content. We will also work to improve the infrastructure for testing and deployment of the production system now in use with a large client base of blue-chip companies.
  • We are discussing a range of new client projects, including a digital product catalog for a major book publisher, development of a new ecommerce platform for a life sciences firm, and enhancements to a library catalog system.

We are confiendt that 2016 will be another outstanding year for Quoin, and look forward to the challenges in 'simply building great software!