AEM Connector

Quoin is currently working on a custom 'connector' to integrate Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and the Lionbridge onDemand Translation Services. The software will enable an organization using AEM to create and translate text content as part of its standard content management workflow for web publishing. The AEM Connector will eventually be published as open source and available for download application in the Adobe Exchange marketplace.

Quoin has created a lightweight Java client to interact with the high-traffic API that is part of onDemand Services. A key aspect of the project was designing integrated AEM and onDemand workflows to create a seamless process for content authors. The technical architecture consists of the following components.

  • Lionbridge Translation Service – an implementation of AEM’s TranslationService interface along with a small number of supporting classes.

  • The Java API uses Apache HttpComponents to access the REST service and JAXB to bind XML bodies and responses against Java objects.