JavaScript Training Resources

As a web application development stack, JavaScript (JS) has evolved significantly in the last few years. Quoin is supporting a number of client projects that use client- and server-side JS to build interactive web apps. We also see broad adoption of JS for a range of applications, including productivity apps, mobile apps, games, wearable computing, cloud services, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Thus, we have a continuing need for staff training in JS development and specific frameworks. Below are some of the best online articles and tutorials. (Karin Wefald contributed the AngularJS resources.)

General JavaScript

Eric Elliot Eric Elliott is the author of “Programming JavaScript Applications” (O’Reilly), and “Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott”.He posts articles about JS, technology, management, organizational culture, and other software development topics.

10 Priceless Resources for JavaScript Learners This article provides interesting background reading on JS and practical coding tactics.



Overview of modules, $scope, testing, and how to learn angular.

Article with corresponding sample files on how to structure your angular application, based on size and intent.

Scope inheritance and nesting problems in angular.

Understanding Model-View-Whatever applications.

With Node, Bootstrapping, and Git. Walks you through an explanation of the code for a simple web application

Free course on code school- just sign up with any email. An interactive  intro tutorial with videos and guides.

Short and specific video guides on egghead, most are freely available.

How to get started with AngularJS framework and fundamentals. Includes code samples.

A w3schools guide with sample code and definitions.

Angular CRUD application demo

Searchable, comprehensive official-unofficial cheat sheet.