Gilbane Digital Content Conference 2016

Gilbane Digital Content Conference 2016

The Gilbane Digital Content Conference is a forum for leaders in content management, digital marketing, and user experience to share insights and experience. Our colleague Frank Gilbane and his team each year assembles an engaging program focused on best practices for creating and delivering digital content. Quoin will be represented in the upcoming 2016 conference in Boston. Brad Kain will present Mind the Gap: Lean Assessment of CMS & E-commerce Needs based on recent client work. His presentation (Wednesday 30 November 11:40 am - 12:40 pm) will discuss a process for requirements analysis and defining a technology strategy. Brad will be joined by Steven Steiner and Terry Peters both from ICF Olsen, who will present Solving the Planning Puzzle- Efficient Planning Based on Competing Needs. The full conference program can be seen at the Gilbane site: Gilbane Conference Program. You can read the full description below.

Mind the Gap: Lean Assessment of CMS / E-commerce Needs

Organizations evolve constantly -- new business lines, changing markets, new competition -- and the ecommerce and content management infrastructure should keep pace with these changes. Yet, constrained by the enormous effort and cost of system acquisition, companies often find a gap between business needs and the reality of its current platform. To enable evolution and growth, an organization must assess the current technology platform and plan for a substantial upgrade. We have seen first-hand the challenges for companies making this assessment and technology roadmap, including poor alignment between technology and business stakeholders, competition for resources, ability to judge risk, and institutional bias for maintaining the status quo.

This presentation will address the important evaluation criteria for a platform assessment; and, identify best practices for defining a technology road map. Based on over 30 years of experience in assisting organizations and implementing ecommerce and content management platforms, the discussion will focus on the specific measures, questions, and judgments that yield a balanced assessment. We will also discuss the significant choices for acquiring a new platform, including commercial tool evaluations, custom development, and leveraging open source technologies.

The presentation will include an example from a recent project for a $100M E-commerce organization as a case study highlighting the discovery, findings and recommendation process behind successfully implementing a successful strategy to reach, engage and retain customers. The primary criteria for such an exercise include content strategy, customer experience, E-Commerce, localization & personalization and working with a globally distributed IT organization / workforce.