A Visit from Governor Roy Cooper

A Visit from Governor Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper recently toured Davidson College’s Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - a collaborative workspace where companies like Quoin work side-by-side with promising student entrepreneurs. The Hub serves an important purpose in North Carolina’s economy: giving young entrepreneurs access to guidance from experienced business leaders, while exposing established businesses to young talent with fresh ideas.

As part of its residency at the Hurt Hub, Quoin has provided support for a Davidson data analytics class, hosted two interns, and teamed up with a group of students to develop a data visualization interface for the monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian aid programs. 

"We've got some really smart people in this state, and now in this building, making life better for people," Governor Cooper told reporters. "We're talking about people being more prosperous and being all they can be." During his visit, the Governor visited a student-run startup using drones to revolutionize high-rise window washing, visited a machine-learning enthusiasts group, and shopped for groceries using a set of Virtual Reality goggles.

Quoin looks forward to continued collaboration with Davidson staff and students as part of its Hurt Hub residency. We feel that the environment created by the Hub’s workspace is a symbiotic one - providing both student entrepreneurs and businesses like ours with vital resources and opportunities.

Image courtesy of Davidson College (Image source)