UNICEF Primero in the News

UNICEF Primero in the News

In areas of the world devastated by human-made and natural disasters, UNICEF Primero provides a critical tool for government and humanitarian organizations to protect children. An article in Forbes Magazine described the effort in Sulawesi, Indonesia to reunite families affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

  Where are Indonesia's Missing Children?
  Ethan Donnell, Forbes Magazine, 29 March 2019

Six months after an earthquake and tsunami devastated Indonesia's Sulawesi, 118 children are still officially registered as "missing." UNICEF New Zealand's Ethan Donnell examines ongoing efforts to find lost children and reunite them with their families.

Quoin has led the software development and deployment of Primero since inception of the initiative in 2013, and is working in partnership with UNICEF and other global non-government organizations to continue enhancing the platform. Our team is currently working on the second major release, which will realize a redesigned user-interface, as well as a secure and robust Software as a Service deployment.