Quoin Tech Talk Schedule
29 Mar 2018Matt CountsCKAN - Open Source Dataset Management & Visualization
12 Apr 2018Brad KainOverview of IoT Frameworks
26 Apr 2018Jeff SamuelsContemporary Definition of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
24 May 2018Pavel NabutovskySomalialand Mission Trip
07 Jun 2018Jean Pierre LeJacqOverview of IoT Standards
28 Jun 2018Josh Ra'ananApache Kafka –  A Non-Kafka-esque Experience
12 Jul 2018Chris CrimDebian Packaging for the Enterprise
27 Jul 2018Huu Da TranIntroduction to JS Package Management & NPM
16 Aug 2018Greg ManningVirtual Private Networks & Wireguard
06 Sep 2018Eli TaftIntroduction to oscap
20 Sep 2018Laurie CorkumIntroduction to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
04 Oct 2018Josh ToliverPa$$w0rds!
18 Oct 2018Robert JonesTo Be Determined
01 Nov 2018Jeffrey Jean-PierreTo Be Determined
15 Nov 2018Ron ElledgeTo Be Determined
06 Dec 2018Matt SamsonoffTo Be Determined
20 Dec 2018Lance ParkerTo Be Determined
10 Jan 2019Jeff TuckerTo Be Determined
24 Jan 2019Ray ChosenTo Be Determined
07 Feb 2019James VorderbruggenTo Be Determined

Presenters are asked to choose from one of the following topics.

  • Frameworks and tools for data visualization
  • Frameworks and tools for IoT applications
  • Open source content management
  • Open source AI & machine learning
  • T4D - Techology for Development
  • Software Development Tools
  • Project Case Studies & Experience Reports
  • Standards in security, IoT
  • Company Updates

Please remember to send your slides in PDF format to Brad.