Smart, Proven, and Effective Professionals

Quoin staff members thrive on working with our clients to understand their challenges and to deliver outstanding results.


Ray Chason

Senior Software Engineer

Ray Chason is a veteran software engineer with over twenty years of experience. Ray has worked on critical projects for NASA and the US Air Force, where rigorous engineering requirements have forged excellence in his code and a deep attention to detail.

Carlos Chavez

Senior Software Engineer

Carlos Chavez has eighteen years of experience as a software engineer, architect, and project lead with expertise in Ruby and Java technologies. His skills cover the entire project life cycle and a broad range of disciplines: planning, analysis and design, multi-tier architectures, databases, database mapping, deployment, wired enterprise networking and ...

Laurie Corkum

Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager

Laurie Corkum (CSM) has two decades of proven success as business analyst and project manager for a variety of clients, including clients in the U.S. government. Since joining Quoin, she has enjoyed working with our publishing and e-learning clients as both an analyst and a project manager.

Matt Counts

Software Engineer

Matthew Counts has extensive experience as developer for a range of well known brands including LL.Bean, New Balance and LoJack. Beyond core strengths with the LAMP stack, Matt has experience in Ruby on Rails and Objective C, and has built applications for .NET, iOS and Unity. Matt has implemented a ...

Christopher Crim

Technical Lead

Christopher Crim is a talented web application developer with a diverse technology background that includes software configuration management and system administration.

Freddy Cruz

Software Engineer

Freddy Cruz is a senior software engineer with over thirteen years of development experience for large enterprise clients. Freedy has extensive experience in all phases of the software life cycle, from development to team management.

José Ernesto Dávila Pantoja

Software Engineer

José Ernesto Dávila has over 10 years of experience as a software developer and engineer. He is a skilled developer with proven experience in web based application development. He has extensive knowledge of Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, C# and Relational Databases. He is always eager to learn and utilize ...

Ronald Elledge

Senior Software Engineer

Ron Elledge is a Senior Software Engineer with nearly two decades of experience in all phases of the software development life cycle. He has a deep technical skill set and a wealth of experience tackling complex challenges at the enterprise level. He has extensive experience in system architecture, design, development, ...

Josmari Estanishlow

Software Engineer

Josmari Estanishlow is a passionate web developer with almost three years of experience in PHP development. She has experience with content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. She has also worked with third-party application integrations using and acumatica.

Antonio Gallardo

Director, Technology & Support Practice

Antonio Gallardo has over 20 years of experience as a software developer, architect, and project lead with expertise in Java 2/J2EE, XML, XSLT, application servers, and other related technologies.

Robert Jones

Software Engineer

Robert Jones is a skilled software engineer with five years of professional software development experience. He has collaborated on various projects ranging from both front and back end development and using multiple languages such as PHP, Java, C# and Javascript. His commitment to delivering great products is equally matched by ...

Luis Landero

Software Engineer

Luis Landero is an experienced web developer, with almost 5 years of proven experience developing PHP applications (front-end and back-end). He has also developed third-party applications for well known open source technologies such as: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle.

Mario Lopez

Software Engineer

Mario Lopez is an accomplished software engineer with experience in content management systems, including Joomla, Refinery and Jahia. He has hands-on experience with a diverse set of technologies and web frameworks for building rich user interfaces combined with a high proficiency in backend frameworks, design and management of relational databases ...

Greg Manning

Software Engineer

Greg has twenty years’ experience as a software engineer focused on writing C/C++/Objective-C for communication, networking, imaging, and embedded applications. He has delivered robust applications for Unix, OS X, and iOS platforms, using both Make based build systems and IDEs such as Eclipse and Xcode.

Jack Miszencin

Solutions Engineer

Jack Miszencin is a dynamic software engineer with broad experience in web design and development. He has built high-volume, high-availability web systems for Finance, Government and Publishing, and has deep experience with CRM and email/messaging integration (including His core strengths are in Python/Django and Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and ...

Bill Mitchell

Senior Consultant

William Mitchell is an expert technologist who has contributed in all phases of the software lifecycle and at every tier of complex systems. He supports special projects at Quoin related to high-performance web delivery, media metrics, and 'big data' applications.

Pavel Nabutovsky

Technical Lead

Pavel Nabutovsky is an engineer and systems architect who has practiced sober, test-driven development across a wide breadth of technologies and methodologies.

Carlos Navarro

Software Engineer

Software engineer with more than 5 years of experience, a skilled web developer with experience in several technologies and frameworks based on Java, Ruby and JavaScript, An expert in relational databases like PosgresSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server and others. Also have knowledge .Net, C# and mobile application development for Android.

Lennin Padilla

Software Engineer

Lennin Padilla is a web developer with a strong background in both front-end and back-end development. He has a deep understanding of JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, and HTML/XHTML. He has spent more than five years building web applications in Joomla (modules, components and plugins) and Wordpress (plugins).

Gerald Padilla

Software Engineer

Gerald Padilla is an enthusiastic and passionate software engineer with emphasis on cybernetic and electronic engineering. More recently, Gerald has focused on developing web applications using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Backbone JS, Underscore.js and Cucumber. He has continued to be a proactive, curious, self-motivated engineer - always eager to ...

Lance Parlier

Software Engineer

Lance Parlier is a talented software engineer that has hands on experience with a variety of technologies. His focus throughout college was on back-end development in Java, PHP, C/C++, and others. He is also experienced in front end development, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Lance is a valuable addition to ...

Wilfredo Porta

Software Engineer

Wilfredo Porta is a talented engineer with over 10 years of development experience. He loves resolving complex issues for clients. For the past five years, he has provided outstanding support to a long term client of Quoin, primarily using Java, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL.

Joshua Ra'anan

Software Engineer

Josh is a disciplined engineer who is driven by a desire to create software and eager to learn technologies. Josh has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University and has broad experience in Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, and JavaScript.

Lucia Robelo

Software Engineer

Lucia Robelo has developed applications using JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS and relational databases. Prior to joining Quoin, Lucia spent a number of years at Asociación Pan y Amor, a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating child labor through education, where she developed the payroll and enrollment system.

Salvador Ruiz

Software Engineer

Salvador Ruiz is a specialist in Java applications with a great facility for using such tools as JSF, RichFaces, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Ant, Lucene, and Tomcat. An asset to any Quoin project for his expertise in JavaScript, Salvador is well-versed in such frameworks as jQuery and Dojo. He is also ...

Matt Samsonoff

Technical Lead

Matt Samsonoff is one of Quoin's most talented engineers with extensive experience in Java/J2EE, Python/Django, and C#/.NET. In addition to his role as implementation Tech Lead, Matt has consulted and coached organizations on data architecture, security, and a range of development process/tools including Agile/Scrum. He is a successful project lead ...

Jeff Samuels

Project Manager/Senior Software Engineer

Jeff Samuels is an innovative and resourceful software engineer with over twenty years of implementation experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle.

Bradley Small

Senior Software Engineer

Bradley Small has over two decades of experience in software engineering. He has designed and developed software in diverse environments including retail, internal, and B2B products. He has also designed and implemented software for the magazine, product delivery, warehouse management, and gaming industries as well as for the US Government. ...

Jonathan Steinberg

Senior Designer & UI/UX Specialist

Jonathan Steinberg is an experienced and innovative designer who is adept at creating engaging designs for web, mobile, and enterprise software applications. His professional background includes a breadth client work, including branding, content strategy, information architecture, UI, UX, search optimization, social media integration, and other disciplines. As a Senior Designer ...

Eli Taft

Senior Solutions Architect & Technical Lead

Eli Taft has over a decade of experience building complex web and enterprise applications. As an architect, technical lead, and senior software engineer, he has demonstrated the ability to adapt an architecture and technical approach to implement a solution that meets business requirements. Eli is proficient in a range of ...

Josh Toliver

Software Engineer

Josh Toliver has hands on experience developing software for both client and server side implementation. As a Software Engineer at Quoin, he focuses on building engaging and effective designs in Django, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript. Josh has a diverse background as a software engineer, web application developer, media artist, ...

Huu Da Tran

Technical Lead

Huu Da Tran has twenty years of experience building enterprise software for education, retail and telecom. His outstanding communication and collaboration skills enable Huu Da to work effectively with both business management and engineering staff.

Jim Welch

Senior Software Engineer

Jim Welch is a Senior Software Engineer with 17 years of expertise in Object-Oriented Design and full lifecycle software application development. His specialties include requirements definition, detailed design, code development, debugging, and thorough system integration and testing.

Sue Willard

Director, Project Management Practice

Sue Willard (CSM) has more than 17 years of experience as an analyst, project manager, and principal consultant serving a broad range of industries, including online media, publishing, finance, enterprise resource planning, life sciences, manufacturing, and government.