Joshua Ra'anan - Software Engineer

Joshua Ra'anan - Software Engineer

Josh is a disciplined engineer who is driven by a desire to create software and eager to learn technologies. Josh has a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University and has broad experience in Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, and JavaScript.
Development Processes
Agile, Responsive Design, Scrum, Test-Driven Development, User Acceptance Testing
Source Control
Ansible, Docker, Git
SGML & Markup Languages
Operating Systems
Debian, Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Django, JQuery, Ruby on Rails
Search Engines
Engineering, Manufacturing
Programming Languages
Java, JavaScript, Matlab, Python, Ruby, Shell Scripts
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQLite
Content Management Systems
Web & Application Servers
Josh's first accomplishment at Quoin was rebuilding our marketing site to support an improved design and new features, using Foundation 6 and the Django framework. Since then Josh has worked extensively to modernized Quoin’s internal infrastructure: he has implemented a robust Docker and Ansible deployment system for core development infrastructure, moved the enterprise resource planning system to an Amazon RDS database, and implemented Cloudwatch to monitor Quoin and client websites.

Josh has presented the same care and thoroughness to all of the client projects he has worked on. As member of the Primero team, Josh ensured consistent performance of the application, for users working in refugee camps. He has displayed versatility, working on both frontend and backend as he has demonstrated on the Multi-State Public Notices Project. Josh continues to demonstrate the ability to learn new technologies and acquire new skills to meet whatever challenge he faces.

  • Lead developer for a WordPress-based website for an online investment club.

  • Responsible for improvements to the Quoin infrastructure, including implementing the use Ansible and Docker for a robust build and deployment process.

  • Responsible for implementing new end-user features on the UNICEF Primero platform for global case managment and incident reporting in humanitarian services.

  • Team member for the implementation of an enhanced ecommerce platform for MIT Press, a leading academic publisher. Responsible for client and server-side development tasks, including end-user features implemented in JavaScript and integration with the THINK API for order management and fulfillment.

  • Lead developer for a redesign of company website, using Python, Django, JavaScript, Foundation, HTML5, and CSS. Responsible for design and implementation of changes to the existing server-side implementation and content management features. Implemented a fully responsive and mobile-friendly interface. Integrated a publishing process from the corporate resource planning system built in Ruby on Rails to the Django-based website.

  • As a supporting member of other client projects, gained hands-on experience in JavaScript, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Django.

  • Participated in agile project teams, including sprint planning, daily stand-ups, sprint retrospectives, and application demonstrations for stakeholders. Followed Quoin practices for continuous integration and development, including peer code reviews.