Jean Pierre LeJacq

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

With 30+ years as an expert technologist, Jean Pierre has been keeping the company at the leading edge of the fast-moving software field while developing practices and tools that ensure the best results for Quoin's customers.

A little bit more about me

Jean Pierre LeJacq co-founded Quoin with Brad Kain in 1994 and has since served as Chief Technology Officer, keeping the company at the leading edge of technology and standards while implementing practices that ensure outstanding results for Quoin's clients. He is an expert technologist with 30 years of experience, as well as an unparalleled track record for successfully implementing complex, multi-year projects.

Building on a background in mechanical engineering and control systems, Jean Pierre applies a rigorous engineering mindset in his role as co-founder and CTO of Quoin. He is not only well-versed in a wide variety of programming languages, operating systems, and tools, but also has hands-on experience in every phase of the software development lifecycle. As technical lead for the entire product development effort at Quoin, Jean Pierre is responsible for technology selection, prototyping, architecture, implementation, and quality assurance. He also focuses on establishing strategic relationships with leading software tool vendors, standards groups, and clients, in addition to building the skills and capabilities of our engineering staff. Currently, Jean Pierre leads a key client relationship with a Fortune-50 retailer and collaborates closely with our long-term telecommunications client on a variety of ongoing projects. He represents the company as a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, and is active in the Center for Internet Security (formed by the US National Institute of Standards) and the Debian Linux initiative.

Jean Pierre holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, and spent several years working on control systems before moving into software development.

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
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My father ran a popular French restaurant, ‘Maitre Jacque’ in Francestown, NH